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Technical Innovations - Manufacturer of Home-Dome/Pro-Dome observatories

We have been producing quality observatories since 1992, with more than 1,500 in service around the world. Technical Innovations also offers a complete line of dome accessories, including Digital Dome Works (DDW) automation and remote control system; RoboFocus telescope auto-focus system; and now the TI/AAG CloudWatcher sky monitoring system.

Technical Innovations is excited to announce the partnership with Lunatico Astronomia of Spain to bring a low cost, highly accurate cloud sensor and sky monitoring system. The unit also has a very sensitive, heated rain pad to signal the very first drops of incoming precipitation. Used in conjunction with a standard weather monitoring system, the observatory operater now has maximum protection from inclement weather conditions.

This web site is currently still under construction - call us for more details, or come back as updates are published.

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